Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

If you sweat excessively and this leads to inconvenience and awkward situations, then sweat does not have a place in your life. With the assistance of Derma-Act, you can feel comfortable again and permanently remove sweating from the armpits, face, palms or feet.

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Excessive sweating negatively affects people's life.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is not life-threatening but has serious consequences on the lifestyle, social contacts and psychological balance of the people with this diagnosis.

Self-confidence: The occurrence of visible spots from sweat on clothes and the unpleasant smell which often accompanies it, lead to low self-confidence.
In severe cases of hyperhidrosis, symptoms of depression may also develop.

Social contacts: People usually consider sweat a sign of agitation, fear or embarrassment.

Decreased interest in physical activity and fitness: Any physical exercise or movement leads to exacerbation of excessive sweating.

Difficulties in everyday life: People with hyperhidrosis often need to shower and change their clothes several times daily.

Diet: Decreased use of caffeine, alcohol and spicy food, since they contribute to hot waves causing sweating.

Intimate relationships: Oversweating and smell negatively affect intimate relationships and this often leads to compulsory introversion.

Treatment with botulinum toxin (botox)

The treatment of hyperhidrosis with botulinum toxin is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is proven to safely facilitate reduction of sweating in the treated area. According to clinical studies, injection therapy with botulinum toxin successfully treats sweating in palms in 80% to 90% of all cases, and 75% of the cases, in which area of theface is treated. The duration of the results is about 6 months.

The process of treatment with botulinum toxin is quick and effective.

It starts with mapping an affected area, after which small doses of botulinum toxin are injected in different points of this area. Botulinum toxin acts locally by temporarily deactivating the nerves responsible for the activation of sweat glands.

Notably, the therapy influences the excretion of sweat but not the smell accompanying this process. The treatment does not have nay side effects or a recovery period and the patient can resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment with botox decreases sweating and smell only in this area. The decrease of sweating in the armpit does not cause increased sweating in other body parts.

Εάν απαντήσατε ΝΑΙ σε μία από τις παρακάτω ερωτήσεις, τότε είστε ιδανικός υποψήφιος για θεραπεία υπεριδρωσίας:

  • Σας ενοχλεί ο ιδρώτας;
  • Ο ιδρώτας περιορίζει τις κοινωνικές σας δραστηριότητες;
  • Ο ιδρώτας αφήνει έντονα σημάδια στα ρούχα σας;
  • Αναγκάζεστε να αλλάζετε ρούχα τακτικά μες στην ημέρα εξαιτίας της εφίδρωσης;
  • Επιλέγετε να φοράτε σκούρα και στενά ρούχα για να μην φαίνεται εύκολα ο ιδρώτας σας;

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