Doublo-S – device for non-invasive face lifting

What is Doublo-S?

DOUBLO-S™ is a high quality device for non-invasive face lifting and body tightening with high frequency focused ultrasound (HIFU method). The device is a premium medical device and is manufactured by HIRONIC, Korea. There are over 1500 installations worldwide and over 300,000 procedures applied.

DOUBLO-S™ is the second generation of HIFU technology. It has fewer side effects due to its precise focusing and larger spot size.

Compared to other devices, the heat-coagulated area is wider, allowing a lower temperature to be used, therefore pain is reduced.

Advantages of the device:

  • Truly non-invasive treatment
  • Safe system
  • Option to apply to different areas
  • Effective treatment with fast results
  • Achieves not only lifting but also tightening
  • Combines well with other treatments such as RF, Fractional Laser, Botox, Fillers and more.
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