The perfect forecast for the perfect body

The weather forecast has never been more promising. Especially if you’re striving for a healthy, toned body with firm, elastic skin free from cellulite. At Derma-Act, we understand the profound influence weather can have on our mood. However, regardless of whether it’s hot, cold or wet, nothing compares to the joy of feeling confident in our own skin. Introducing our three brand-new body-shaping bundles: “Double Chin,” “Cellulite and Fat Reduction,” and “Shape and Strength” – inspired by nature and tailored for those who always shine no matter the weather outside. The offer is valid until 31st July 2024. Book your appointment at 231 600 1212.

Bundle Double chin
Lemon Bottle fat dissolving injection (2 treatments) + Onda Coolwaves™ non-invasive fat reduction device (2 treatments)

This bundle offers a non-surgical solution that targets the double chin with an innovative combination of Lemon Bottle injectable solution and Onda fat burning device. The session starts with Lemon Bottle solution, which is injected directly into the fatty tissue, where it works to break down fat cells. These cells are then naturally eliminated from the body over time. The main ingredient is Riboflavin (vit B2) among other premium ingredients that break down fat by accelerating their metabolism. This treatment is completely safe, and shows results within 24 hours. Then follows treatment of the area with the Onda Coolwaves™ device, which is a non-invasive revolutionary technology for fat burning and skin tightening. Onda Coolwaves® action is deep and targeted, without damaging nearby skin.

Depending on the patient‘s condition a series between 2 and 4 treatments are recommended.

Bundle Cellulite and fat reduction
Mesotherapy (4 treatments) + Lymphatic drainage (4 treatments)

This bundle offers 4 pressotherapy sessions along with 4 body mesotherapy injections for smooth and toned legs. The session starts with the mesotherapy treatment, where the patient will be offered to choose from 3 options: fat melting mesotherapy, anti-cellulite or skin tightening mesotherapy. Among the active ingredients of the mesotherapy are non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, L-carnitine, caffeine, trace elements and others. Then the session continues with the pressotherapy, which will contribute to the better penetration of the mesotherapy along with improving blood circulation, reducing lymphatic congestion and has a positive effect against cellulite. The bundle is offered in a series of 4 treatments performed weekly in order to achiеve optimal results. Depending on the patient’s condition, the protocol can be repeated after a month or combined with our next bundle.

Bundle Shape and strength
EvolveX (6 treatments) + Biologique Recherche Body Massage (6 treatments)

This bundle offers an irreplaceable combination of body shaping and toning treatments designed for anyone who wants to get quickly in shape for the summer: 6 body contouring sessions with EvolveX and 6 full body lifting massages with Biologique Recherche.

EvolveX is a non-invasive device that combines the action of radio frequency energy (RF) and dynamic muscle stimulation (EMS), which can target different body areas (abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks). RF energy heats the tissue in depth and thus melts the fat deposits, tightens the skin and improves its appearance. EMS on the other hand leads to an increase in muscle tone. With a protocol of 6 sessions you will be able to achieve truly transformative results.

Following the EvolveX session is the best part – full body toning massage with Biologique Recherche products. This SPA like experience will relax and energize you at the same time. The treatment is designed to sculpt and tone your body, whereas the penetration of Biologique Recherche’s products will leave you skin smooth and tight.

The bundle is offered in a series of 6 treatments performed weekly in order to achive optimal results. Depending on the patient’s condition, the protocol can be repeated or combined with the our other bundles.