Put an end to unwanted hair growth with three unique offers

Laser hair removal with the Elite iQ™ system is a quick and easy way to achieve the desired results, suitable for every skin type and color and with visible results from the very first session.

Our offers

At Derma-Act Clinic we have selected the most popular and desired areas for LASER hair removal and offer 6 treatments at incredibly low prices:

  • Pubis and armpits – 6 treatments for 99€
  • Arms and armpits – 6 treatments for 199€
  • Legs and pubis – 6 treatments for 299€

Get the offer by May 9th, 2024 for a complete protocol for smooth skin!

What is Laser hair removal with Elite iQ™?

At Derma-Act laser hair removal is performed by experienced medical staff under the supervision of a dermatologist. The laser system used is the Elite iQ™, which combines two separate lasers:

Alexandrite Laser (755 nm): proven effective for fine and light colored hair, suitable for skin phototypes I, II, III and IV. Clinical studies show a 79% reduction in unwanted hair growth after just 3 treatments. The Alexandrite Laser is also used in the treatment of pigmented lesions, due to its high absorption by melanin.

Laser Nd:YAG (1064 nm): an excellent option for removing unwanted hair from darker skin (phototypes V and VI), even tanned skin. It is also suitable for the treatment of vascular lesions of the face and lower limbs (varicose veins), as well as for the treatment of facial redness and unwanted pigmented lesions (freckles-spots) on the face.

Why should you choose Laser hair removal with Elite iQ™?

  • Effectively treats both well-expressed hairs and fine ones
  • Gives optimal results for every skin phototype
  • Features innovative Skintel® development for recognizing skin type, which enables even more precise settings
  • Cryotherapy air jet for painless laser hair removal: Eliminates unpleasant sensations during the procedure through the modern cooling system
  • Non-contact procedure – the laser does not touch the treated areas to assure uncompromising hygiene

Combine the offers for independent areas and get rid of annoying body hair once and for all! Treatments can be performed in one visit and are valid until 12/31/2024.