Peeling The powerful ally of beauty

Chemical peel is a powerful weapon to prevent the signs of aging but also to take care of our skin’s health. The new generation peelings have the ability to train the skin to constantly activate and regenerate since they cause gentle exfoliation and stimulate the skin to constantly produce new cells.

The absolute tip to achieve the perfect regeneration is to continue the treatment at home with products of the same philosophy. Usually the Dermatologist recommends a kit with everything necessary to continue the flow of the treatment and reduce the regeneration time of the skin. Don’t ignore it and never skip sun protection.

When do we need chemical peeling? When the skin is in need of renewal then it is the most suitable time to try the benefits of a peeling.

What are the benefits to our skin? Essentially, we offer our skin a deep cleansing, as dead cells are removed and the skin is rejuvenated. It is a highly effective treatment for those who want to combat uneven skin tone, the appearance of tired and dull skin. It gives immediate shine, firmness and tightness to the skin. It highlights the natural beauty of the face and treats enlarged pores. It is indicated for the treatment of scars and wrinkles, delaying the aging of the skin.

How many repetitions of the treatment should we do? Usually 4 repetitions are needed every 10-15 days. The frequency depends on the needs of each skin and this is evaluated each time by our Dermatologist.

Can we do a chemical peel in the summer? Yes! Dermatologists now recommend peelings in the summer months so that their beneficial effect is not temporary. Peelings that are suitable for this season use substances that are not photosensitive and do not cause severe peeling. Of course, this does not mean that sunscreen is not absolutely necessary. We can use make-up products or our daily moisturizer with sun protection, but as we move into summer we must use a sun cream that contains a protection factor of at least SPF 30. If you are exposed to the sun for long hours, reapply SPF approximately every two hours.

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