Laser Hair Removal Bundle 5+1

Laser Hair Removal Bundle 5+1


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The Elite iQ™ Aesthetic Workstation laser system is manufactured by Cynosure, an American company and leader in the production of laser systems designed for aesthetic and medical purposes. The laser has dual-wavelength system delivering energy faster for even better results.

Cynosure Elite iQ combines the technology of two lasers:

  • Alexandrite laser (755 nm) is proven effective on fine to light hairs, suitable for skin phototypes I, II, III and IV. Clinical studies show a 79% reduction in unwanted hair after only 3 procedures.
  • The Nd:YAG laser (1064 nm) is an excellent choice for removing unwanted hair in darker skin.

Advantages of laser hair removal with the Cynosure Elite iQ™ system are:

  • significantly faster removal of unwanted hair;
  • amazing results after the first procedure;
  • long-lasting effect;
  • safe and painless;
  • adaptive treatment to patient preferences and requirements.

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