Augustinus Bader The Method

Augustinus Bader The Method


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Augustinus Bader is a cosmetics brand founded only 4 years ago, but during that time it has managed to win not one or two, but an unprecedented 105 awards from the beauty industry. The success is not accidental and is due to the rich experience of Professor Bader – more than 30 years of research, innovation and clinical studies, and the resulting patented TFC8® (Trigger Factor Complex).

At Derma-Act clinics, you can find both Augustinus Bader’s full line of products for home use, as well as treat yourself to one of the luxurious facial or body treatments.

The Method Face is an advanced face therapy, and The Method Body is a body treatment, which are applied only in professional settings. This highly sensorial, hands-on approach utilizes Augustinus Bader’s hero formulas to help boost cellular communication, promote circulation, and firm, tone and refresh the skin. Activating the fascia through external triggers – such as massage and innovative tools – enhances the smart-signaling properties of TFC8® to promote the skin’s innate ability to renew and regenerate. Results are visible immediately after the treatments, and their benefits are even greater in the long term.

The facial therapy can be supplemented with O2ToDerm oxygen therapy. The device is a dome that delivers purified oxygen and negative ions that penetrate the skin and thus enhance the various benefits of all the products applied to the skin during the treatment. The machine works by drawing in air from the immediate environment, expelling the nitrogen and pumping 90% oxygen through the dome to be absorbed by your skin. Not only does your skin get the benefits of pure oxygen, but so does your body as you inhale it.

As a result of oxygen therapy, acne-causing bacteria are destroyed, collagen production is stimulated, nutrient intake is aided, and skin tone and texture are significantly improved.

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