Everything you need to know before starting your Laser hair removal sessions

Number of sessions: It usually takes 6-7 sessions spaced approximately 40 days apart to achieve the desired result. Intervals should certainly not exceed 50 days. If the protocol is not followed correctly, more sessions will be required and the final result will take longer. The laser is effective in the anagen phase of the hair which is between 40 and 60 days.

How long does the treatment last? The duration of treatment always depends on the selected area. An average duration is 35-45 minutes.

Is it painful? Laser hair removal is a completely tolerable treatment. The cooling mechanism used during the application makes the entire process almost painless.

What is the preparation before the treatment? In order for the treatment to be applied correctly, the patient must not have waxed for at least 3-4 weeks. The area where the specialist will apply the laser should be shaved or trimmed 3-4 days prior the treatment. Exposure to the sun or solarium is prohibited before the treatment.

What should we pay attention to after the treatment? Direct exposure to the sun for 5-6 days as well as the use of solariums and saunas is prohibited. The application of SPF is essential and good hydration of the treated area is recommended.