Derma Friday

We all know Black Friday, that time of the year when everyone goes a little crazy about shopping.

Now, let us introduce you to Derma Friday – our way to celebrate beauty and make your favorite procedures even more accessible.


Maybe because we are a little crazy too.

Whatever the reason, this year, from 17th to 26th of November, you can enjoy a special 50% discount on laser hair removal at Derma-Act. Read on to learn more about our limited time offer.

Taking advantage of Derma Friday isn’t just about capturing a great deal. It’s about investing in your beauty and wellness journey with ease and convenience. Simply visit our online shop to purchase your treatments online, or if you prefer a more personal touch call us on 231 600 1212.

Just remember, Derma Friday lasts until Nov 26th. But don’t rush, you have until the 9th of May, 2024, to schedule and experience your treatments. This gives you ample time to plan around your calendar and ensure you get the most out of your sessions.

Get a closer look at how laser hair removal is performed at Derma-Act: