Derma-Act Clinic

Skincare should be affordable. And your appearance – completely under your control. Derma-Act stands behind this.

That is why we offer a huge variety of procedures, many of which you will not find anywhere else in the country.

That is why we work with a team of proven professionals with years of experience, fully dedicated to providing the right care for each of you. That is why Derma-Act is among the best equipped clinics in the country, with devices for dermatological and aesthetic procedures of the latest generation.

Because beauty has no end. But it has a beginning. Let’s start together.


Our team of dermatologists have successfully completed a number of trainings, seminars and practices in Greece and abroad, have gathered decades of experience and are dedicated to continuous professional improvement. This makes the Derma-Act clinic the first choice of all clients who are looking for a high standard and special attention in dermatological care.

д-р Константинос Пагидас

Dr. Konstantinos Pagidas

dermatologist, owner

Dr. Alexandra Manti


Dr. Maria Koukoviti


Eirini Ntoni


Elina Ambatzi


Guest doctors

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Derma-Act is equipped with the latest innovations in the field of dermatology and medical cosmetics. We have some of the best laser technology available, including Cutera, Cynosure and Elite iQ.